Alice asked the Cheshire Cat,
who was sitting in a tree,
“What road do I take?”
The cat asked,
“Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know,” Alice answered.
“Then,” said the cat,
“it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

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Best reads November 2019

Whiplash Team, November 29th 2019

Best reads November 2019

Here’s a brief selection of readings for brand enthusiasts like you to enjoy during the weekend!

Companies will want these profiles in their marketing teams in 2020

PuroMarketing offers a projection of which profiles will be most demanded by HR departments next year to become part of the organizations’ marketing teams. Emerging profiles include that of Chief Experience Officer (CXO). (ES)

The risks and benefits of expanding your brand

Branding Strategy Insider offers an interesting article on how brands are creating extensions of themselves and what are the risks and benefits of this practice. (EN)

Treat user data with respect

Respecting user data is one of the obligations of any brand according to Verónica Revilla, head of digital media at Telefónica, as she mentioned during the Data Driven Meet Up meeting. (ES)

What a strong brand can do

A strong brand can save an organization in times of crisis. Brandingmag analyses the factors that define a brand’s strength and what is its role when a company goes through its toughest moments. (EN)

Trends to make your brand stand out in 2020

Finances Online lists and describes 17 trends that will lead to either the triumph or the failure of a brand in 2020. We’ll see. (EN)

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