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Must read of July

Whiplash Team. June 2018.

For you to enjoy during the weekend, we share a brief selection of readings for brand enthusiasts like you. See you in September!

The purpose becomes an indicator of business performance (English)

A new indicator of organizational performance adds purpose to finances, assets or sustainability.

There will be no plastic plates at the Galway races (English)

The Lydon House Catering, will present several initiatives during the Galway Races to avoid disposable items, such as coffee cups, straws, plastic cups and plastic cutlery.

Fashion solidary with the planet (Spanish)

Marisa Selfa, general director of Ecoalf, explains that the brand was born out of “the frustration of wanting to make fashion without destroying the planet”. The company, that recycles PET from bottles to make yarn, also works with fishing nets, tires, coffee grounds and cotton and postindustrial wool to make their garments. “For the weaving of a jacket, for example, we use eighty bottles,” explained Selfa.

The Activism Manager joins the key positions in organizations (Spanish)

Consumers expect companies to go beyond traditional CSR strategies and demand them to demonstrate their purpose and commitment to the problems that plague society. In responde to this, a new profile begins to show into the organization charts: the Activism Manager, responsible for managing the company’s principles.

The forests are up on the catwalks (Spanish)

PEFC and UNECE / FAO presented the jointly developed Forests for Fashion initiative at United Nations Headquarters in New York. During the event, for the first time a fashion collection made with fabrics of forest origin that have the PEFC certification was shown.