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Business ethics is the key to responsible brands

Whiplash Team. October 2018.

Following the success of the encounter in Bilbao on September 26th, a new edition of La Neurona Summit. Intelligence and emotion to add value to the business will be held in Madrid on Tuesday, October 30th. Under the title Brand Intelligence. The impact of personalization on the construction of responsible brands, Christopher Smith, CEO and founder of BrandSmith, will offer clues on how organizations face the challenges of personalization.

We live in an environment dominated by technology, mobility and the Internet where users demand from organizations, on the one hand, an increasingly personalized offer of experiences, products and services, and on the other, greater responsibility in their commitment to the society.

In this context, we consider as responsible brands “those that apply business ethics in obtaining and using data from their users, because the fact that we have certain information does not give us the right to use it arbitrarily for our own interests,” explains Christopher Smith.

Personalization represents an important challenge for brands, since in addition to the information users voluntarily give, the new technological tools, such as AI, bots or machine learning, which have given a boost to data collection allowing to fine-tune segmentation to extraordinary levels, leaving in the hands of the organizations to decide the use that they give to those data. Many users already complain about abusive practices by brands and are concerned about the fact that brands know everything, or almost everything, about their tastes, where they go and with whom they relate.

This will be one of the topics that will be addressed during La Neurona Summit. Intelligence and emotion to add value to the business, which will take place at the North-Ifema Convention Center. The meeting is organized by La Neurona, a platform aimed at companies and people working in them, with the purpose of collecting and documenting the changes that occur in society and in companies and help those responsible for them to understand them. If you are interested, you can sign up for free here.