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Four tips for brands to succeed in 2019

Whiplash team. January 2019 

Over the last few years, but especially along 2018, we have seen brands become activists and embrace social, political and environmental causes, aligning their purpose with their users’ expectations. The trend continues, and in 2019 brands have a new opportunity to inspire and engage clients through clear actions that demonstrate their commitment to those issues that concern society.

In 2017 Trump’s migration veto was the starting point for brands to begin to forget the old paradigm that brands should not enter politics. Companies such as Starbucks, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Tesla or Apple, openly condemned the decree and rebelled against the measure. It was the beginning of a trend that has remained. Slowly but surely, we have seen brands around the World beginning to take sides and assuming a position aligned with their purpose, that reflects in their products, their value proposition to the market, their personnel and in all aspects of their communication. However, as 2109 is already here, experts agree on the need to consider the following four elements to improve both, results and conversion rates: 

Be original and learn from mistakes. This is a mandate and applies to everything, even to failure. Undoubtedly, to move forward you must experiment, and making mistakes is part of it. Brands need to renew themselves trying new things and this will probably lead them to make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and share the experience through dialogue with other industry players. This does not imply, of course, revealing any secret.

Action speaks louder than words. It is through actions that a brand builds a relationship of trust with the user. Brands could improve their credibility with users and at the same time strengthen their business. According to the Branding Strategy Insider magazine, “these actions must be aligned with the values ​​of the brand, and customers must perceive that the employees of the brand live in accordance with those values ​​in each transaction, internal or external.”

Data is important, but with moderation. The fact that technology offers the possibility of gathering, analyzing and screening huge amounts of data about users does not entitle any brand to abuse data collection or to be intrusive with the excuse of personalization. In this sense, the Accenture consultancy advises to align the strategy of data collection with the business objectives and collect only those data necessary to promote the development of new products and/or services.

Long term gains ground. Marketing is losing followers in the boards of directors and that reflects in their budgets. In recent times, strategic thinking has lost ground against a quick, reactive execution of actions. It’s time to think again about the brand and its growth in the long term.