International trade company. Since 2013. Organizational identity, visualization and strategic planning, graphic and verbal identity redesign, internal communication, update processes, corporate documentation, counsel.

Growth is, paradoxically, one of the greatest enemies of a brand. Good business practices –the fundamental objective of any business– often translate into growth and internationalization. As operational, tactical, and strategic scenarios multiply, they bring along a whole set of challenges for the brand. Opening to new markets and cultures tests the organizational culture and identity robustness since it adds in people of very different backgrounds who live far away from decision centers.

Vikudha Overseas Corporation, born in Hong Kong in 1973, lived firsthand these challenges. Vikudha is a family company as well as an industrial multinational whose main business is trading in industrial chemicals, metals, and minerals. Its international expansion, which began with the turn of the century, is as recent as spectacular, opening offices in 12 countries and reaching above US $ 250MM annual sales.

Success, however, had weakened the sense of belonging and fluidity of some processes, and measures had to be taken to preserve and enhance Vikudha’s reputation. The company’s management decided to embark on a project to explore and define a new corporate brand identity that would inspire joint action and decision-making at all levels, establishing a new way of thinking, talking and doing. The deployment of the resulting strategic plan in areas as diverse as HR, marketing or processes design continued throughout 2015 and communication projects into 2016.