Events organization, activities and solidarity incentives based on corporate volunteering. 2014. Organizational Identity, strategic display, branding, graphic and verbal identity design.


Creating a brand is always an exciting challenge. You do not know where to start, let alone where it will end. It is a process of investigation, reflection, and hybridization of concepts and the ultimate expression of creativity and synthesis. A word leads to a symbol; that symbol to another word which leads to a slogan and that slogan to another symbol. It is a climbing circle in which knowing to identify the time when a step further would spoil an idea and a step less would leave it incomplete is the key to success.

Based on a long experience in the world of travel incentives and motivation, Antonio Mateo had created an international foundation of corporate volunteering. His dream was to create an incentive tool for the personnel of companies and institutions by carrying out responsible projects through corporate volunteering.

He had all the ideas but lacked the brand. Aware that a brand is not just a logo, he also wanted a conceptual framework to serve as a GPS for his new project. And so was born the Helping by Doing Foundation; the symbol consisting of an abstraction of Newton’s Pendulum speaks of chain “action” as a metaphor of volunteering. The brand flees from the provider client image and the charitable naïve action, focusing on the idea that all together can make the world a better place. As the brand manifesto goes: “Though giving is important, it is nobler to act solidarily”.