Banking global group. 2008. Graphic Design; producing management training guides; creating and interactive guide.


There are four areas through which an organization shows its identity: people, products, environments, and messages. For the services sector, people are by far the most important area: the intangibility of the product makes trust and reputation of partners the key to generating business.

Santander Group is one of the largest banking groups worldwide. It is the first bank in the euro zone, with profits over 5,800 million euros and is ranked eleventh in the world with a market capitalization of 88.041 million euros. For a group like this, management’s continuous training is fundamental and is why the “Executive’s Guide” –10 publications containing articles and case studies of best practices in business management– was created for the 200 managers more relevant in the organization.

Make a Team, the human resources consultancy –founded by Jorge Valdano, Juan Antonio Corbalan, and Juan Mateo– was responsible for the coordination of the guide, which resulted in a trilingual 60 pages book and a trilingual audio guide CD, with contents in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.