Spanish non-profit association for the promotion and divulgation of sustainable forest management practices. Since 2013. Training, benchmarking, organizational identity, Strategic Visualization, graphic identity and tone of voice, graphic design, conferences.


Ingredient brands are a very special type of brands.These are brands customers do not purchase directly but consume, and even demand, as an intrinsic part of other products. Brands such as Intel or Goretex are two magnificent examples of successful ingredient brands. They have the goodness of adding value to third party products due to hyper-specialized development carried out on a specific component.

PEFC Spain is part of the most important World Association for forest sustainability. The PEFC brand is a globally recognized seal which through a system of certification guarantees that wood for the manufacture of thousand of products – paper, cork, furniture, flooring, doors– is sourced from forests sustainably managed from a social and economic perspective, protecting biodiversity and culture and life of the wood.

As every ingredient brand, PEFC faces the difficulty of its success depending on visibility and acceptance among its customers –manufacturers who buy the component– and among consumers of the products manufactured by them, who will be the ones demanding the said component. With this challenge in mind, PEFC has undertaken a project to develop a clearly differentiated conceptual and graphic identity which, through communication, people, product, and environment, associates PEFC to sustainable forest management, and facilitates the disclosure of its work.