Global non-profit association for the promotion and divulgation of sustainable forest management practices. Since 2013. Training, organizational identity, strategic display, redefining the brand, brand architecture.


The development of a relevant and clear organizational identity is a key to succeeding in any branding project. Even more in the case of complex organizations, which have a more horizontal than vertical structures, because a strong identity defined by a purpose, a personality and a proposition to the market, is a cohesive tool that keeps all parties aligned.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC International) is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization that brings together 37 national members dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent certification. It is the system most widely used forest certification in the world. PEFC sets the standards that seek to transform the way forests are managed overall and locally to ensure that everyone can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits provided by forests. PEFC is, therefore, an umbrella brand that encompasses 37 national brands.

Umbrella brands have a unitary vocation. PEFC reality, however, was that its recent growth had characterized by incorporating partners with preexisting brands and cultures, such as SFI from US or MTCC from Malaysia, which had led to some internal turmoil since the international brand was in tension with some national denominations. Back in 2012, and aware that this could lead to rethink brand architecture strategy, PEFC’s management already considered necessary to define an identity framework shared by all. To meet the challenge, they began to work in 2013 on a draft definition of organizational identity ongoing process holding workshops in Geneva, Washington DC and Kuala Lumpur with a total of over 100 attendants.