“We have a strategic plan, it’s doing things.”

Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines.


We love our work and you can tell.

We are ideas facilitators, debate moderators, visionaries and strategic allies. We are daring with ambitions and prudential with reality. We unite strategic reflection, creativity, and action plans during projects that evolve and unroll progressively – like a thread from the spool.

Our aim is to boost our client’s capacities. We are not parachuting consultants who arrive, prescribe and go. We like to establish sincere relationships of mutual trust. We arrive and stay. We live our client’s problems and help to solve them whilst visualizing new opportunities as we move forward with work teams. We often use the expression “we do it together” because that is the way it is. We walk alongside our client on an intense journey. At his pace and whilst walking we talk.

We believe that conversations inspire the best of ideas and the best ways to make them work.

We can be provocative or prudent, artists or soldiers, judges or explorers depending on what is needed. But, we are always frank. We do not waste anyone’s time, simply because we do not like others to waste ours. If we are frank it is because we are honest with ourselves: we only do what we believe in and that we do exceedingly well.