“Branding is too important to be left to the marketing department”.

Attributed to David Packard, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard


Every business is a dynamic machine that combines people and processes to generate profits.  Originally this was relatively simple but now, in the 21st Century, this has become very complex machinery.

New situations arise daily. Maybe the advance of technology is changing the company’s potential growth. Or your brand is not relevant in target markets. You may not be able to attract the needed talent to embark on projects or you have focused your business on the product rather than the client.

In every one of these cases, the key to success is to have a criterion, a meta-strategy for decision-making. In BrandSmith we believe purpose emanating from organizational identity deriving in a mission, has this role. A motivating purpose creates positive energy which, when translated to business and brand strategies, make the organization evolve in unsuspected ways.

This new approach to the role of identity and branding –strategic branding– can transform company results. Strategic branding goes much further than a superficial understanding of logos and slogans: it strikes at the psychological relationship between people and business. We believe strategic branding offers a different boost, halfway between science and art. It connects the firm’s objectives with the intangible needs of internal and external stakeholders.

That is why in BrandSmith we start working at the intersection between business model, strategies, and brands. We develop a GPS in the form of a long-term systemized concept for the brand’s identity that aims to transfer the organization’s proposal and personality to everything it does and says. It is a challenge for everyone; a challenge that places organizations in the direction to what makes them important and different.