Cooperative engaged in the manufacture and sale of bicycles and solutions for outdoor sports belonging to the Mondragon Corporation. 2008-2012. Organizational identity, visualization, and strategic planning, continuous cross strategic consulting, the organization of event and creation of Orbea Book, concept design, and processes to own stores.


There are brands strongly linked to a particular product category; this is common among long-lived brands which instead of diversifying have specialized. Natural growth for these brands is the expansion of their range of products and internationalization which further strengthens their positioning as well as their link to the product and consumer awareness. But sooner or later, either opportunities or desires arise to open to new product categories; it is in these cases when a real rebranding challenge comes up: the process is not a simple renaming or restyling, but altering the perceptions that consumers, over the years, have associated with the brand.

Orbea is an international prestige brand historically associated with the world of road cycling; in the 80s and especially 90s it entered mountain bike, and triathlon later. This cooperative, born as a family business dedicated to the manufacture of weapons in 1859, currently sells an annual average of 250,000 bikes in nearly 70 countries worldwide, especially in the United States, Spain, and France. It has more than 250 employees spread over three production plants in Mallabia (Biscay), China and Portugal.

By 2005 Orbea started to ponder about opening new product categories beyond bikes. The idea was to turn the brand into an outdoor sports provider, not just of bicycles. The rationale came from the observation that Orbea’s customers not only practiced bike riding but also other sports like skiing, swimming or running, i.e., outdoor sports. Beyond the difficulties associated with the opening to new products, the biggest challenge was to turn a bicycles brand into an outdoor sports brand… a journey that began in 2008 and still continues.