Mondragon Corporation, International Operations Division. 2013. Workshop exploration of organizational identity.


When brands internationalize, an issue of sense of belonging arises by definition. From headquarters everything tends to be seen evenly, however from local offices the decision center seems distant. This affects organizational culture which if not orchestrated from a common identity tends to scatter and, at worst, to disintegrate.

The Mondragon Corporation is a conglomerate of more than 100 cooperatives, almost all in the Basque Country. It employs nearly 80,000 people and is the first industrial group in the Basque Country and the tenth in Spain, with subsidiaries on five continents. The combined revenues of all companies exceed 12,000 million euros with known brands like Caja Laboral Lagun Aro, Eroski, Orbea, Orkli or Orona belonging to the corporation.

The international division manages corporate diplomacy and facilitates the entry of cooperatives in new markets. They have delegates in Vietnam, China, India, Mexico or the United States, to name some of the most relevant. But these peripheral delegations are quite disconnected from the identity of the group that focuses on Mondragón, and therefore the presidency of the International Division decided to bring them together to conduct a workshop to explore the common and shared strengths of the Mondragon brand in the world.