Graphic production and multichannel marketing cooperative, part of the Mondragon Corporation. 2011-2012. Strategic consultancy on organizational identity, visualization, and strategic planning.


Brands are not alien to the environment. Technological and social changes occurring at an increasingly vertiginous speed are leaving entire sectors of the economy misplaced, such as graphic production, for example. It was clear, back in 2010, that the rising of new electronic media was the prelude to a tsunami that would wipe out 500 years History of graphic production.

MCC Graphics was then a solvent printer, with over 100 workers and about 20 million Euros of annual turnover, but the direction of this cooperative knew that transformation was not an option, but a necessity. They had already launched new business lines such as direct marketing and digital services, but the underlying problem was different: despite the new services, customers still perceive them as a printing press.

At this juncture, MCC Graphics began to work on a huge transformation project with the aim to gradually change the costumer’s perception to that of multichannel services provider capable of both online and offline actions.

Several years away project including new businesses areas development, the introduction of new professional profiles, development of a national branding plan and a training plan in consultative sales for the sales team was launched. In short: the transformation of its reason to be.