Institute for in-company training and graduate studies. 2008-2010. Organizational identity, branding, graphic design.


Creating a corporate brand has a special difficulty when compared to the creation of sub-brands or trademarks for products: a corporate brand does not so easily support changes, so the responsibility of being right from the start is important. The usual and reasonable intention of the client to include a reference to the nature of business must be addressed with finesse as this can become a burden in the future diversification of the company, while, conversely, we must avoid misleading fancy names focused on values.

The Hune Institute is a special training center where educational offer and people’s development are equally important. The programs offer covers a wide variety of aspects, from emotional intelligence to leadership.

College of Humanities and Business, the Institute’s original name, had several drawbacks that the Management wanted to solve. On the one hand, the term “College” was an entry barrier into companies as well as for the development of its business line of in-company training, while the whole name was excessively long and difficult even to represent. Thus, the brand Hune –the acronym of Humanities and Business in Spanish– was born; a brand that understands training and person as a unit.