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At the origin of any brand, there is a business model. In fact, the organization’s identity, on which the brand concept relies, is closely linked to the value propositions we find in the now classical canvas. Finding its value proposition is difficult for any brand, but it is essential to establish corporate ambition and to bestow the brand with a purpose. Now, for a company immersed in the convulsive Internet world and which over the years had grown in multiple directions, it is a titanic task.

That was HispaVista’s situation 15 years after its birth: a family business with headquarters in San Sebastián and offices in Madrid, Chile and México. It offered various services such as pages and stock market information, job offers, news, horoscope, email, professional services such as consulting and hosting, I+D+i in products and services for the Internet or a page with content created by users.

The problem was that most of those pages were created with its URL, which in the Internet world is almost like saying its brand, so in their portfolio, extremely valuable assets mingled with others almost anecdotal. All of this was done intuitively, without a prior brand architecture strategy and, consequently, synergies between brands not always occurred. The need to add value to their products and services was the starting point for a project of reflection and reorganization of HispaVista’s brands and business lines with the aim of finding a sustainable model for the future.