Furniture Design and Manufacturing Division of Eredu Cooperative, part of Mondragon Corporation. Since 2013. Training; benchmarking; organizational identity; visualization and strategic planning consultancy.


During its first years, an industrial brand’s competitive advantage usually lies on product excellence and manufacturing processes. However, after a few years, when it already has carved its niche in the market due to these capabilities, the need to develop values which add value to their image and personality naturally arise. Being perceived not as a prestigious brand but as a manufacturer of specific products, makes it difficult to access new categories or premium projects; sell products and services that lie far from its original activity or put their skills into value.

Enea, the Eredu Cooperative trademark, was born in 1984 devoted to offering contemporary designs furniture for any kind of space. Over the years it became a renowned chair manufacturer for institutions, thanks to an intensive R&D work as well as to the collaboration of prestigious designers such as Josep Lluscá, Gabriel Teixidó, and Lievore Molina Alhterr.

Paradoxically, this success was an obstacle in the completion of Enea’s original vision: the perception of “manufacturer for institutions” constituted an entry barrier in parallel industries such as restoration, hospitality or offices, as well as to commercialize new line extensions such as shelves, tables or home furniture. With the challenge of acquiring a new look and giving the brand a more sophisticated atmosphere, Enea has launched an ambitious project to analyze and redefine its brand identity based on three pillars: purpose, proposition, and personality. This project has given way to a strategic plan that encloses product, communication, personnel, and commercial areas to change the current perception of the brand.