Center for Enology and Agro-food Innovation. 2011-2012. Training; organizational identity; strategic visualization; graphic and verbal identity redesign; brand architecture consultancy.


Like everything in life, organizations are subject to constant change. They constantly mutate, every day, with every decision. These changes are almost imperceptible when viewed in a short period, but over the years its dimension becomes clear. Sometimes, we find that looking back we can not recognize the organization we once were. That’s when we realize that our brand has not been updated with the same vigor as other structures and that brands are not immune to the inertia of management projects.

In Dolmar, a small family business from Haro, the natural generational relief that occurred had transformed the organization. Overnight, this small company dedicated to manufacturing products for the wine industry became an award-winning innovation leader for the wine and agro-food industries, with an international presence.  The opening of its new laboratories in the spectacular Micalanda Research Center in 2005 marked a milestone in the company’s transformation.

However, the corporate brand remained behind, and the creation of new sub-brands had made brand architecture confusing. It did not reflect the ambition and vision of a new eager and youthful generation; much less it reflected a company leader in innovation, R&D, and training. To realign both, the organization and the brand, an identity redefinition, and redesigning project was launched: the brand portfolio was reorganized; criteria for partners and joint-ventures were defined, and the company started to think strategically about marketing and communications.