Como maximizar el poder de la marca corporativa
(How to maximize the power of the corporate brand)

Christopher Smith in MSMK, Madrid, 2014

Masterclass offered in the Madrid School of Marketing by Christopher R. Smith, reviewing key management and basic corporate brand concepts, and addressing the complexity of the brand’s system.




El valor del Branding
(The value of Branding)

Christopher Smith in the Forum Manager, IFEMA, Madrid, 2013

Christopher participated for seven years in different editions of the Forum Manager in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Bilbao. His last appearance was –for the time being– at the Congress held in Madrid in late 2013, where he presented his Brand Thinking model.




El impacto de la experiencia del consumidor en la creación de una imagen poderosa

(The impact of the consumer experience in creating a powerful image)

Christopher Smith at the VIP Marketing 1: 1 Meet-Up hosted by MCC and Hewlett-Packard Graphics, Kursaal, San Sebastian, 2013 

MCC Graphics is BrandSmith’s client. After a two years consultancy process, MCC Graphics conducted reflection day on graphic arts and digital marketing industries in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, where Christopher Smith and Rafi Albo, from Israel, offered insights on how to create a powerful brand image.




Branding et Anima: Modelos de Gestión de la comunicación digital

(Branding et Anima: Management Models of digital communication)

Christopher Smith in the Communication Innovation Day organized by Corporate Excellence and the Complutense University, Madrid, 2013

Lecture by Christopher Smith at the Auditorium of the School of Information Sciences at the UCM in the context of a day of reflection on the new digital media.




Claves para inspirar la estrategia del negocio desde la marca 

(Keys to inspire business strategy from the brand)

 Christopher Smith at the Association of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastian, 2011

Workshop on Strategy and Leadership with the participation of Christopher Smith and Toni Segarra analyzing how advertising, marketing, and identity can be used to create leading brands.




Identidad Diferencial: marcas que lideran, innovan y generan valor
(Differential identity: leading, innovative and value-creating brands)

Christopher Smith in the Marketing Club, Tres Cantos, 2010

Just as Christopher R. Smith released his first solo book, he was invited to deliver a lecture on the secrets of corporate identity at the presentation of the Tres Cantos Marketing Club in Madrid.