IT start-up created to manage and expand networks among the boating community. 2014. Workshop exploring brand identity.


The proliferation of technology start-ups in recent years has had a major impact in the world of branding. It has increased the demand for branding but with the uniqueness that it is conceived only for digital use –apps or websites, mostly–, and the main requirement is that it works well as an icon rather than as logo. At the same time they are, by definition, brands arising from a product idea, so their identity concept is weak and their brand strategy is also weak or even nonexistent.

Bydsea is the Spanishzation of the term “by the sea” and it was born as a social network for the boating community. It comes in response to the difficulty individual faces to organize or participate in cruises and recruit navigation teams: the network makes easy to contact crew members. It also offers information on landfalls, weather alerts, recommendations and validation of crew and the possibility of organizing events.

The creators of the project, however, had doubts about how to define and verbalize what it was to the public eye. It is a classic problem of start-ups since their original identity concept is usually based on the technological features rather than oriented to end user. In the exploration workshop how to express that identity was deeply discussed, and the future growth of the portal through extensions beyond the nautical activity was reflected on … and of course, also on the appropriateness of their name to provide shelter for those extensions.