Beautiful Pyme. Ideas prácticas de Marketing y Comunicación para Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas
(Beautiful SMEs. Practical Ideas for Marketing and Communications for SMEs)

Christopher R. Smith, Julio Román Pérez-Tomé, McGraw-Hill, 2006

This book includes all the advertising practices (corporate image, direct and promotional marketing, communications and public relations) that any SME should know to grow its business. The authors provide a balance between theory and experience in a broad range of topics. Beautiful SME is a handy tool that adds value to small and medium enterprises. It is a good manual that summarizes various techniques of marketing and communication.




Identidad Diferencial, marcas que lideran, innovan y crean valor
(Differential identity: leading, innovative and value-creating brands)

Christopher R. Smith, Collection Top Ten Business Experts distributed by the Journal Expansión, Crecento, 2009

Differential identity is a book about strategic brand management from a holistic perspective in which the company, identity and brand image offer a new approach to corporate management. It is essential that the brand is properly managed, but the main idea argued in this book is that the key lies in managing identity: in the awareness of being an entity and what makes it different from others. The author introduces the model of differential identity which gives brands a strong conceptual charge, generating meaning for consumers, retaining talent, driving innovation and leadership.


España Lean Startup 2014
(Spain Lean Startup 2014)

Juan Gasca, Mario L. de Ávila, Alvaro Cuesta and others, 2014

The ELS project is the sum of knowledge, experience, and creativity of a group of professionals who review the state of the art of Lean enterprise in our country. Juan Gasca participates in this book with the chapter “Design Thinking vs. Lean Startup, first steps of a successful meeting “.




Marketing y Pymes
(Marketing and SMEs)

Christopher R. Smith, Rafael Muniz, Roberto Espinosa and others, 2013

This book aims to bring closer and improve the purpose of marketing in SMEs. Experts in different areas of marketing develop each of its five chapters. The authors address such fundamentals for SMEs such as customer loyalty issues, proper management of our brands, sales process of the 21st century, marketing in the digital environment and how to make a good marketing plan. Christopher Smith writes the chapter “Brand Thinking: Centrifuging the brand.”




I Symposium Internacional sobre el pensamiento de Javier F. Aguado
(First International Symposium on F. Javier Aguado’s thinking)

HR Observatory, 2010

The book contains papers, interviews, tests, etc. drawn up at the IFEMA Congress held on February 25th, 2010.




Diseño y empresa
(Design & Company)

Christopher R. Smith, Carlos Sendín, Xenia Viladás, Justo Villafañe, Boundary Design, 2007

The book Sendín & Associates: Design and Company tours Spanish design over the last twenty years. The design of the new Metro Ligero, national and international awards such as the one awarded to the Spanish Design Professionals Association in 2006, and several works in graphics, corporate marketing, branding, integrated design and assembly of exhibitions can be seen in the two hundred pages that make up this publication. The book includes articles by professionals in different disciplines of communication, such as Justo Villafañe and his text about creative codes. Christopher Smith writes about the importance of corporate identity and logo.