Exportación, internacionalización, globalización. ¿Sinónimos

(Exports, internationalization, globalization, are synonyms?)

Article by Javier del Paso, published by, 2013

During the first half of the 90’s, my career continued to develop in the field of FMCG, and my schedule was curdled with meetings on globalization. Till that moment, and in that sector, the business world had only known two approaches concerning internationalization: the exporter and the multinational itself.




Branding, ambición y liderazgo

(Branding, ambition, and leadership)

Article by Christopher Smith published by Puro Marketing, 2013

Any branding project has a transforming end. It is a change management project, with the singularity that is the change in the perception of the brand what drives decision-making.




Cómo aplicar el Design Thinking y el Lean Startup para encontrar nuevas oportunidades de negocio para las industrias culturales del siglo XXI

(How to apply Design Thinking and Lean Startup to find new business opportunities for cultural industries, in the 21st Century.)

Article by Juan Gasca and José Manuel Jarque, published in Anuario AC/E de Cultura Digital, 2015

Juan and Jose Manual seek to answer to the new challenges that have emerged with the new digital paradigm: saturation of information, lack of differentiation, development of a different understanding of private property and the collapse of supply about demand.a en relación a la demanda.




¿Dónde situamos el branding?

(Where do we place branding?)

Article by Christopher Smith published by Iniciativa en Pymes, 2012

The ideas behind marketing and branding are conceptually difficult to apprehend because they not always follow either common sense or exhaustive analysis. These ideas are related to perceptions and the capricious decisions of consumers.




¿Es la responsabilidad social corporativa un retorno para las marcas?

(Is Corporate Social Responsibility a return for brands?)

Article by Christopher Smith published by Puro Marketing, 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility programs are very useful for enhancing the value of the brand, one of the biggest intangible assets that have businesses in these times. This notion is widely known for the companies less suffering the rigors of the crisis due to a forceful penetration of their brand’s values in the collective subconscious.




Consistencia: una palabra clave en el Branding

(Consistency: a keyword in Branding)

Article by Christopher Smith published by Puro Marketing, 2012

Consistency understood as a vector of business management. Brand management requires strategic thinking and affects the whole organization, not a purely operational part.




Precio contra subconsciente

(Price versus subconscious)

Article by Christopher Smith published by Iniciativa Pymes, 2012

Who will survive the crisis? It has opened a battle in the world of mass consumption among white brands and manufacturer brands, and it seems like one of the two towers must fall. We are in the process of readjusting buying habits and thus, market and consequently positioning.




El cliente que viene

(The customer to come)

Article by Christopher Smith published by Iniciativa Pymes, 2012

“This is a time when customers are reassessing what they need. They want their money to have value”. This observation by Olivier Chatain, Management professor at Wharton, sums up one of the biggest concerns business strategists face worldwide. Unlike other recessions, when we emerge from the ashes of this one, we will find a pitch changed.