Whiplash Team. March 2018.

The personalization of consumer experience was one of the most attractive topics at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. Christopher Smith, CEO and founder of BrandSmith, moderated the panel The power of personalization.

Brands face an interesting challenge: finding the balance so that customer experience personalization is tailored to their needs “here and now” and available on any device, without overdoing it and invading their privacy. This is clear from the prominence that the theme had during the most recent edition of the MWC, during which it was present transversally in conferences, panels and talks.

“The consumer experience is the main differentiator that will determine who will be the winners and the losers in the next 5 to 10 years,” said Amit Ahuja, VP of Emerging Businesses at Adobe Experience Cloud, during the panel the Power of personalization that moderated Christopher Smith, CEO and founder of BrandSmith.

Chris MWC18-2

Ahuja also stressed the need to customize according to the context of the consumer: cultural, social, economic, etc., but also where the consumer is, what is he/she doing, from what device is he/her connected. “In each case, you must think of your audience and what they want”, he said and pointed out the importance of data and what it can reveal to deeply understand the consumer.

From this knowledge, that allows a huge degree of personalization, however, comes a great responsibility: finding the balance between an omnichannel and seamless personalized experience and what the panelist Ben Maher, Sales and Partnerships Director in JCDecaux plainly called “intrusion”.

Sarah Rose, Director of Consumer Insight on Channel 4, Yoav Arnstein, Director of Product Marketing for Publisher Solutions on Facebook and Joy Robins, Chief Revenue Officer of Quartz, who accompanied Ahuja on the panel, also agreed on the importance of personalizing consumer experience and in the idea that only those brands that manage to make changes in the user interface in real time, in all devices, have the opportunity to succeed.