Whiplash Team. March 2017.

The last week of each month we share with you our brief selection of the most interesting and exciting reads for brand enthusiasts.

This month we recommend the following four articles. Among the highlights, Fox Business explains what a Chief Purpose Officer is, a figure that is becoming increasingly popular in the boardroom. The funny note this time falls on the car industry where Porsche has made a 15 second video to explain how to pronounce its name.

The power of fear

This article explains how neuroscience has discovered why fear causes us to avoid certain brands.

Do you know what a Chief Purpose Officer is?

As users are increasingly concerned about what drives their brands, these are prepared to meet that demand: the position of Chief Purpose Officer is getting a chair in the boards of directors.

Apple is forgetting something

Owen Willson, publisher of Charged and one of the great fans of Apple, counts his reasons to leave the brand of the apple and return to the traditional PC.

Find out how car brands are really pronounced

It is quite possible that, even if someone owns a Porsche, a Mercedes Benz or a Volkswagen for example, he/she does not know actually how to pronounce the name of the car he/she is driving. Gizmodo has made a survey among the spokespeople of major car brands to know how they are pronounced.