Whiplash Team. February 2017.

Every month’s last week we share our brief selection of the most interesting and exciting readings of the month for brand enthusiasts.

In this selection, we include an attractive article published by Branding Strategy Insider on the need for brands to take a stand on those issues mobilizing society, or risk their brand values to weaken. Also, the last brand ranking results, both globally and in Spain. Last but not least, a remarkable article on the importance of defining the organizations from the “why,” instead of from “the how” or “the what.”

Trump tests brand values

The positioning of more than 100 brands against US President Donald Trump’s immigration veto has put the question of whether brands should or should not take a stand on issues that mobilize users. Branding Strategy Insider analyzes the dilemma of brands: entering politics and risking losing potential users or weakening their brand values.

Google beats Apple as the most valuable brand

In the most recent Brand Finance’s Global 500 ranking Google moves Apple out of the place of honor in the list of the most valuable brands. Lego, meanwhile, replaces Disney as the most powerful brand. In Spain, Grupo Santander is the best-positioned brand.

Regardless of the efforts made by brands, most users still do not care about them

A decade after the global report in which the Havas Group revealed that for 74% of users the disappearance of trademarks was irrelevant, the figure remains unchanged. In its report Meaningful Brands 2017, Havas Group shows that in these last ten years brands have not been able to build deep relationships with their users.

In Spain Google, WhatsApp and Decathlon are the most relevant brands

According to the Havas Group report 2017, in Spain 85% of users expect brands to contribute to improving their quality of life, but only 39% of them think brands make that effort.

The importance of purpose

Purpose, that is, why we do what we do, provides organizations with a long-term strategy that does not depend on exogenous factors.