Whiplash Team. April 2018.

A new consumer, hyperconnected and demanding with their brands, forces companies to focus on personalizing the user experience to succeed in an environment of technological acceleration and uncertainty. Christopher Smith, CEO and founder of BrandSmith, has been invited to talk about these topics at La Neurona Summit, next April 26th in Valencia. Save the date.

Brand intelligence from content customization will be the focus of Christopher Smith’s talk in the framework of La Neurona SUMMIT, at which experts in various disciplines will deliberate on different subjects.

The Neurona Summit has been conceived as a space for debate and interaction addressing “antagonistic but complementary and dependent issues, like brain hemispheres which are symmetrical and at the same time opposed”.

The meeting, during which topics such intelligence, leadership and creative thinking, and the relationship between neurology and companies, will be discussed, offers managers and professionals tools and knowledge to optimize their management and adapt to the current business scenario.

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