Whiplash Team. December 2017.

To become part of the exclusive group of the most admired brands led by Apple, Amazon and Starbucks, is not easy. These companies, coming from different industries and attending very different needs, have, nevertheless, something in common: they all have the capacity to create added value for their users, enriching and exciting them, and evoking positive feelings that are reflected in the brand.

Admiration is a powerful engine for brand growth. Insofar as brands enrich, inspire and seduce the user, they also build admiration and trust, creating a loyal consumer base that drives sustained and lasting growth. But an inspiring storytelling that connects the organization’s purpose with the values and aspirations of consumers and society is essential to achieve it.

Companies like Apple, Amazon and Starbucks, that lead Fortune’s ranking of the most admired companies, have consistently managed to connect their purpose and their brand story with the needs and aspirations of their users, adding value with each new product or service. These organizations’ continuous efforts to excel result in direct benefits for their users.

Apple’s technology, for example, although not simple, is easy to learn and use. The company’s “One touch” solution and its intuitive interface, in addition to the fact that Apple products communicate seamlessly with one another, builds consumers loyalty as they move from one product (for example, a Mac) to another (for example, an iPhone).

Admired brands bring value to their clients, solving their problems and thus generating trust and respect. But even more important, these organizations manage to connect their reason to be as a company –their purpose– with the aspirations and values of their users through an inspiring and attractive storytelling, which generates respect and brand loyalty.