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A useful purpose is a mus in the digital era

Whiplash Team. Octubre 2018.

Christopher Smith, CEO and founder of BrandSmith, will be one of the speakers in the free webinar Brand and Identity facing the Transformation challenge organized by Exevi to discuss the concept of useful purpose, a new notion that is becoming mainstream among organizations that want to meet the demands of the user who expects their commitment to society as a whole.

The Digital Revolution has provoked profound changes in the ways of working and acting. Internet and technological acceleration we are living in have led to the emergence of new paradigms, not only in terms of business models, the way organizations operate or the products and services they offer, but also in what users expect from brands and their commitment to society.

After a successful presentation at the Ambrosetti Marketing Summit, which took place in Milan on October 2, Christopher Smith will talk about brands with a purpose in the webinar organized by Exevi, under the title Brands with Purpose: Inspiring people, businesses and society.

In this current context, branding and purpose play a crucial role, because a brand with a purpose inspires positive changes in business, in society and in people, the three pillars on which a company with values is built. This is because a brand with a noble and inspiring purpose builds a story with which the user can connect emotionally.

The appointment is on October 17 from 11:00 to 12:00. The capacity is limited if you want to know more about the new challenges facing brands in the digital age, sign up here.