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The future of brands is to incorporate sustainability to their purpose

Whiplash Team. October 2018.

Christopher Smith, BrandSmith’s CEO and founder continue his collaboration with the Innova en Verde project promoted by PEFC Spain and next October 25 he will be part of the speakers that will dictate the free course Marketing Strategies and Green Sales of sustainable products in Murcia. Save the date and register here.

Promoting a bio-economy based on forests as an opportunity for the forestry sector is the objective that our client PEFC Spain has set for itself with the Innova en Verde project, a professional training initiative with scope throughout the national territory. As part of this project, the free training course Marketing Strategies and Green Sales of Sustainable Products, which has already been imparted in several Spanish cities, will now take place in Murcia on October 25th.

Christopher Smith will be part of the speakers that will address various issues related to responsible management models and sustainability, aimed at achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We mustn’t forget that nowadays society demands from brands a commitment to sustainability that goes beyond words. For organizations, it is unavoidable to connect and commit from their purpose to the collective aspirations in a demonstrable, coherent manner in the management of the business and consistent in their communication. In a few words, the purpose is for Smith “the tool that connects an inspiration with a (collective) aspiration”.

The program of the event includes three modules. The first will address the new demands for sustainability in business models, including sustainability and secure supply in Marketing policies and product promotion; the policies of promotion of forest sustainability in Murcia; biomass as a resource; the implementation of a regional certification system for Murcia and tourism within a sustainable regional development

The second module will be a dynamic session of Branding, Marketing and Green Sale where the keys to strengthen and communicate successfully the products of forest origin, by Christopher Smith will be discussed.

During the third and final module speakers will share success stories like Serra’s City Council self-supply experience with biomass from its municipality, the use of PEFC forest biomass in Galicia’s hospitals or the production of sustainable energy in Valoriza (Murcia).

The session will last from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will take place in the assembly hall of the Consejería de Agua, Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca (Plaza Juan XXIII), in Murcia. The course is aimed at managers and owners of forests, public administration workers, companies in the value chain of forests of first and second processing, importers and marketers, prescribers (energy sector, hospitality, tourism, architecture and construction, furniture, wine sector), consulting and training entities. The only requirement for workers and freelancers is that they are residents of Murcia. At the end of the course, attendees will obtain a certificate of achievement.