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When personalization goes too far

Whiplash Team. September 2018.

Users are increasingly demanding in terms of their experiences in the digital space and personalization gains ground as a tool to increase engagement, build customer loyalty, and improve conversion rates. However, recent studies show that Internet users are increasingly concerned with the “dark” side of personalization while the 2018 CX Trends report reveals that almost 40% of brands admit practices that could be considered intrusive. The responsibility of brands is to find the balance between personalization and respect for the individual.

As the border between the digital and analogue space blurs, and relational, social and transactional habits move to the Internet, personalization has become the holy grail of many organizations that want to improve their bottom line. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotization have given a phenomenal impulse to data collection and analysis that allow us to fine-tune segmentation as well as to personalize contents, experiences, products and services. Meanwhile, users begin to wonder if customization is going too far.

Among the practices considered intrusive are the person-to-person dialogue via email, the excessive request for data and the announcements that interrupt our internet activity. In general, users complain that brands have too much information about their lives, their homes, their relationships, and they don’t refrain when using it. The fact that a brand can claim to know more about you than yourself is, at least, disturbing.

Christopher Smith, CEO of BrandSmith, explains that responsible brands are those that apply business ethics in obtaining and using data from their users, because the fact that we have certain information does not entitle us to use it.

Under the title The impact of personalization in the construction of responsible brands, Smith will offer insights on this topic next September 26 in the framework of the Summit Clients Bilbao event that will take place in the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao. The meeting is organized by La Neurona, a platform aimed at companies and the people who work at them, with the purpose of collecting and documenting the changes that occur in society and in companies.

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