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Best reads of November

Whiplash Team. November 2018

Interbrand presents its annual report of the best brands (ES)

The report reveals that companies are adopting strategies focused on the consumer and that those that have adopted Positive Utility practices, or the ability to be useful on a daily basis by improving everyday experiences.

An unfortunate ad campaign wounds D&G’s reputation (EN)

Italian clothing brand Dolce & Gabanna had its products withdrawn from online stores in China due to users’ outraged reaction to a controversial campaign showing clips of a Chinese model trying to eat pizza and pasta with chopsticks.

The purpose, it nails in the success of the emergent marks (EN)

There may not be anything so important for an emerging brand than its purpose, its raison d’être, and the growth that it enables through mission, but it is perhaps the most easily forgotten.

How to avoid potentially flammable ideas in times of activism (EN)

Hyper connectivity and growing social awareness make brands to be careful and avoid those issues that can potentially put them in a difficult situation.

Facebook loses 40% of its value (ES)

Mark Zuckerberg company’s serious image problems have caused the social network to lose 40% of its stock market value in the last year.